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Financing FAQ

What is the process of applying for an auto loan?

Well, the process requires only two steps. First, simply fill out the auto loan application and submit it to us. If you’d prefer, you can call one of our representatives to set up an appointment to speak with one of our loan experts.Second, wait to receive a call back about your approval !

What makes and models can I buy?

At Dundas Automotive Sales, we don’t limit you to any particular make or model.

Why Finance with Dundas Automotive Sales ?

Unlike other car Dealership ,we will walk you through every step of the financing process so you know exactly where your money’s going. We ensure that our loan experts look at every aspect of your application to get you approved for whatever loan you’d most prefer whether that be a car title loan, used car loan, or even a bad credit auto loan. We’re in business to put you into a car, we feel you don’t have anything to lose, and a new car loan to gain.

What is the loan that I can qualify for?

The specific loan that you will qualify for is based on various aspects. However, our loan experts and representatives take every part of your online auto loan application into consideration when getting you approved. If you have no credit, our experts will help obtain a no credit auto loan for you.If you have less-than-perfect credit and are looking to boost your credit
score, our loan specialists will look into getting you set up with a bad credit auto loan. If you’d like to refinance your old car, let our specialists know and they’ll get you approved for a refinance car loan.As an online car loan company that’s at the top of the business, the possibilities are next to endless, so you’ve got nothing to lose by simply submitting your online auto loan application to us, and let us do the rest.

What is the down payment that I will need?

As are other factors, down payments are based mostly on your credit history, whether you have a co-signer(s), and a number of other factors. However, down payments greatly reduce your monthly payments so if you’re looking at decreasing them, it would be best to provide a down payment. They are, however, not always required, but definitely a good idea.

What is the possibility of my trade-in being used as a down payment?

Well, that would most likely be 100 percent of a possibility. If you have a trade-in, you will want to use it as your down payment. If you have other funds besides your trade-in, that of course will greatly reduce your monthly payments as well, and it might even reduce your interest rate.As stated before, many of these factors are based on you as an individual,
and we strive to look at every piece of information on your application and provide you with the used car loan that fits your needs.However, it is good to remember, too, that if you have a trade-in, it may mean that you won’t be required to provide any additional funds up front.

Will I get a good interest rate?

A very good question for which there is not a direct answer. We will get you the best rate based on your credit profile. The higher your credit rating and down payment the lower your rates will be. Also, the model year of the vehicle plays an important role. As we mentioned before, the staff here at Dundas Automotive Sales is in business to approve you and ensure that you get the best rate possible.

Will my application affect my credit rating?

Unfortunately, yes, your online auto loan application with Dundas Automotive Sales will affect your credit rating; however, so will every other dealership or loan company or bank as well. It’s important to understand that each application you apply for will reduce your credit rating superficially, but here at Dundas Automotive , we don’t see why that should worry you.In fact, we’re the only car dealer you need ! With a good approval rating, we know you’ll be approved, so there’s nothing for you to worry about. And we approve you fast and quickly, so there’s no waiting around, twiddling your thumbs, hoping for a call back. We’ll get you approved and help you finance a car loan same day.

How to know if you’ll qualify—and for how much?

As you may imagine, the key determinants in qualifying for a car loan are your personal finances—everything from your current income to credit history. The amount of money available to you depends on several factors, notably your work history and income, outstanding debt and monthly expenses,and your credit score .so you’ve got nothing to lose by simply out and submit our fast and easy online auto loan application, and you’ll be well on your way to not only qualifying, but getting approved and into the car of your dreams today!

Will I qualify if I have had a car repossessed?

While the answer to that question depends on each individual and his or her credit history, more often than not the answer will be yes. Simply fill out our online auto loan application, or call today to speak with one of our loan specialists.

Will I qualify if I have had bankruptcy?

We don’t see why not. And with our significantly high approval rating, we’d like to help you finance a new car or refinance your own car loan, regardless of your past history. Just fill out our online auto loan application and send it in. If you’d refer to speak to someone in person, call one of our representatives to make an appointment to speak with a loan expert.

Will I still qualify if I am currently in bankruptcy?

If you are in a bankruptcy and not yet discharged we have a financing program in place for this. If you want to get a car loan after bankruptcy, we have several lenders who approve this situation, and we want to get you into an auto loan and help you boost that car credit, so yes, absolutely! Please fill out and submit our online auto loan application form.

Will I still qualify if I have never had credit?

In most cases people have been qualified for financing even though they have not yet established any credit.

Will Co-signers enable me to get credit?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is also yes! In fact, whether you’re interested in a car title loan or even just to refinance your old car loan, a co-signer with a good credit rating will often help you to qualify for the best auto loans, interest rates and loan repayment terms. The amount that you qualify for, however, will still be based on what you can afford.

What are the monthly payments?

Obviously monthly payments vary on your credit profile as well as the cost of the vehicle you’re interested in, the amount of your down payment or trade-in, and the interest rating you receive on your auto loan. However, feel free to check out our Loan Calculator to calculate what your monthly payments might be. Remember that a down payment will greatly reduce the total monthly payments as well as the amount paid each month.

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